In addition to the classes held by the coaches, you can also train during the times indicated by following the WOD written on the blackboard or your personalized programming. Those who take advantage of the Open Box formula will also be able to train in the specific area even during classes.

reserved competitor zone

The competitor area is a space for the exclusive use of the Woodwork athletes in the Fontina 2.0 gym, who plan the competitive calendar with the coach and prepare for the most important competitions.

personalized programmation

Planning a personalized training program (tailored to your physique and metabolism) is the winning strategy for making concrete progress along your path. Ask one of the coaches!

personal training

Together with a coach of your choice you can make private appointments to work in detail on any shortage. Also highly recommended for those who want to approach CrossFit for the first time!

technical classes

You will be able to participate in specialty classes to improve movement and conditional skills in the company of other athletes under the supervision of one of the coaches.